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Music by Marina presents Sonns
March 12, 2014 06:04 PM PDT
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J’ai découvert la musique de Sonns il y a 3 mois par hasard sur le net. Le seul truc qui m’est sorti de la tête à ce moment là a été “t’as raté des wagons.”
Après avoir écouté en boucle toute une soirée son Soundcloud (avec pourtant des remixes de Kasper Bjorke et DC Salas, que je pensais suivre régulièrement!), je me suis demandé si je n’étais pas un peu trop souvent dehors à prendre des photos, au détriment des découvertes que j’aimais bien faire pour ce blog.

Alors Sonns (de son vrai nom Alexandre Mouracade) est un producteur français qui habite Los Angeles depuis tout gamin.
J’ai vu qu’il avait crée son propre label, qu’il est connecté avec beaucoup de djs en Europe (ça sert de voir les amis en commun sur Facebook), que quand il mixe régulièrement dans les soirées Making Shapes (réputée en Californie pour être les meilleures soirées électro) ou au Mexique, c’est avec Rebolledo, Matias Aguayo, Ewan Pearson ou - excusez du peu - DJ Harvey, et que même Pitchfork commençait à parler de ses remixes, bref, je me suis dit que c’était le bon moment pour vous le présenter.

Interview in english at http://musicbymarina.tumblr.com/sonns

Tracklist :
Jonno & Tommo - Made Visible
Thomash - Ectoplasma
Red Motorbike - White
Baris K - 200 (The Asphodells Remix)
Seahawks - Deep Star Dive
Time Reveals - Let My Body (Permanent Vacation Remix)
Dana Rah - Train Ride With You
Kassem Mosse - Untitled A3
Frak - Classic Bass
Beans & Company - The Go Go
Red Axes - Kick Out Of You (Feat. Abrao)
The Twins - You Got A Twin In The Attic (You Lunatic)
Butane & Alexi Delano - What You See Is All There Is
Phil Kieran & Bush Tetras - Snakes Crawl (PK joyless mix)
Kinetic Electronix - Astral Kin
Skudge - Cliff Lothar
The Field - Cupid's Head (Sonns Mix)
White Label
Local Artists - Zero Zero Four

Music by Marina presents Morgan Hammer
December 31, 2013 12:02 PM PST
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A friend talked to me about this young french girl last year, then I started to listen to her tracks, often played by my favorite english djs or Ivan Smagghe. I met this summer Zombies in Miami and I know they worked together too… But each time she played in Paris (she lives in Spain, Barcelona), I missed her dj set. So this month, I decided to invite her for a “special NYE” set and an interview to know her more.

Interview (in english only) at http://www.musicbymarina.fr/morgan-hammer

Tracklist :
01- Codes – Shadow coat
02- Chemistry – Release
03- Iñigo Vontier – Horror VI
04- Rheinzand – The first time ( Avanti remix )
05- Q2 – Kann denn liebe synthie sein ( Lokier remix)
06- Franz Ferdinand – Right Action ( Matias Aguayo remix)
07- //TENSE// - Pulse Beat
08- Strobocop – Love is music / Music is love
09- Canyon Cosmos – Fear of Plastic ( Pilooski remix )
10 – Mansisters - Bullschnitzel ( Jennifer Cardini remix )
11 – Juan Soto – Magica Musica Mistica

Take good resolutions for now : click on play, turn up the noise, invite your friends at home, and share the podcast. It is made with love.

Music by Marina presents DJ Hell
December 01, 2013 10:06 AM PST
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I was a fan of DJ Hell. I wanted to take some pics of him earlier this year for my blog when he played at Nouveau Casino in Paris, his label was ok, and Hell invited me.

Everybody told me before coming to the club "Be careful, this guy is very difficult, he acts like a diva, always asks for some special champagne, blah blah".
I arrived there 5 minutes before him, the backstage was empty. The promoter asked me to go out the room. "I'm waiting for Hell, I'm a photographer, he invited me". "Are you sure? Because the label asked us to keep his backstage empty..."

Hell finally arrived in the backstages, said hello. And was surprised when I answered I was the photographer. "You look young, and all your pictures...".
He was excited to have his own portrait
"Have you got any ideas for your photos?"
"I want to see you in this mirror, want a B&W portrait, that can be cool".
I took my bag and got out my dear Sony compact.

Surprise again and huge smile. "Do you know who I am? You want to take photos with that? A compact?"
"Trust japonese..." smiley
Then we talked about rock and electro...

Now I'm really happy to be invited by Hell each time he goes around and so proud when he says my portrait is his favorite one... And now I know that he doesn't like alcohol except good champagne, and that helps him to speak to people ("people don't know I'm shy"), that he supports the Femen for many years, and so many things I don't want to share smiley

This is an exclusive mixtape made with indie rock and new wave tracks he likes to listen to at home.
Enjoy ♥

Music by Marina presents Matt Walsh
November 02, 2013 11:31 AM PDT
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I met Matt Walsh (Clouded Vision) a few months ago in Paris, where he played with Remain from Meant records. Daniel Avery told me he was the best dj in London ("You can trust me") .
Matt Walsh began as a dj from end nineties when electroclash landed in UK. He released some tracks and remixes for Turbo records (Tiga label), Throne of Blood...
Then he decided to create his own label Clouded Vision and discover new artists like Morgan Hammer or Eskimo Twins.

Interview (in english only) in http://www.musicbymarina.fr/matt_walsh

Tracklist :
1. Chloe – Last Gasp (My Favorite Robot)
2. Tunnel Signs - Cylinder (Marc Houle Remix) (HAKT Recordings)
3. Vicky Montefusco-Nothing To Declare (White)
4. Pink Skull - Huitlacoche (My Favorite Robot)
5. Few Nolder – Temper (Clouded Vision Recordings)
6. Edmundy – Nadir (Borft)
7. Negentropy - Areia Branca Avalon (One Eyed Jacks)
8. Rework- All I Wanna (Astrolab)
9. Audion - Sky (Ghostly)
10. Adam Marshall – Heavy Metals (New Kanada)
11. Walls - Urals (Ecstatic)
12. Pulp Disco & The Outcasts – Never Fear The Rain (Correspondant)
13. Dark Stands - Exiles of Fortune (Clouded Vision Recordings)
14. Our Loving Son - To Disappear (Ripperton remix) (Mina Records)

Music by Marina presents Hardway Bros
September 22, 2013 11:05 AM PDT

Hardway Bros (Sean Johnston his real name) invited me in a party on a rooftop this summer.
I knew his works and collaborations via some labels like Astrolab Recordings, Throne of Blood...

He was all night long the half of A Love From Outer Space, un DJ duo with Andrew Weatherall.
As I already saw (how many times?!) Andrew Weatherall in his own dj sets, I only focused Hardway Bros, while my friends tried to find his tracklist.

He made a long mixtape with the tracklist for my podcast, so enjoy my friends!

Tracklist :
Haules Baules - Truth
Offset - Absinthe
Dark Strands - Return Of The Oscillator (Hardway Bros Remix)
Sebastien Tex - Freakin' Slowly
Remote - Minos
Squarewave - Dance Again (Ed Nauens Remix)
Alien Alien - Armani
Andre Bratten - Be A Man You Ant
Primal Scream - Invisible City (Dan Avery Kill Light Remix)
Brwn Shoes - The Return
Phil Kieran & Green Velvet - Birds & Bees (Hardway Bros Remix)
Hugh Mane - Back Life
Dionigi - Another Day On Planet Earth
My Favorite Robot - Home ft Clayton Steele
Villanova - One Night (HeartThug Remix)
Blonde:ish - No Place Like Gnome
FK Club - Unsane
Remote - Easy (Headman Remix)
Thomas Herb & Show-B - Paradisus (Groovapella)
Machete Savane - Widowmaker
Red Axes - Spicy Stick
Crimea X - 10PM (Florian Meindl Remix)

When I asked him his projects for this year, his list of tracks and remixes never ended :
Hardway Bros - Shorty - A/B Musique - Throne of Blood
Hardway Bros - Untitled track on forthcoming Correspondant Label Compilation

His remixes :
Haules Baules - Creeper
Craig Bratley - Obsession for a forthcoming Birdscarer compilation
Man Power - Manpower 5 for Correspondant
Dark Strands - Return of The Oscillator forthcoming Magic Feet
Frederick - Episode of Love - Miseri-edits
The Asphodells - Never There - RGC
Phil Kieran & Green Velvet - Birds & Bees forthcoming for PKR
Ajello - Kalimba Tune
Allien Allien - The Nights forthcoming Rocco Records
Max Essa - Burning Palms - Is It Balearic?

Music by Marina presents Aquarius Heaven
June 26, 2013 04:43 PM PDT

I remember, first time I met him, I was at the backstages in Cabaret Sauvage with my friends from Pillowtalk who made a live jam set some minutes before with him and Filles du Calvaire…

And then he asked me “do you want some love?" I didn’t get what he talked about, so I wanted to run away„,

Aquarius Heaven, born Brian Brewster, is an ex reggae dancehall from Texas and hip hop singer who started singing in church. Brian became involved with the electronic music scene after he moved to Paris in 2005, where he met DOP.

After having released Parallela Mundi EP with Miss Kittin last month, I wanted him in my podcast…

Read the interview (in english) :

The original name of his mixtape he made for my podcast is "Wild Flowers".

Tracklisting :
Bob Moses - Too Close For Comfort
Baio - Sunburn Modern
Madioko N Rafika - Ellelli (Kalabrese Remix)
Slove - Flash (Pachanga Boys Remix)
Arp Aubert - Actress (Lawrence remix)
Minilogue - The Leopard (Extrawelt Remix)
T.P.M. - C Lime Woman (Original Mix)
Sascha Funke - We Are Facing The Sun
Mercury - Son House (Martin Dawson Remix)
Lake People - Point In Time (Original Mix)
Westbam, Richard Butler - You Need The Drugs (Original)

Music by Marina presents Miss Kittin
April 20, 2013 03:07 PM PDT

On 22nd April will be released Miss Kittin last LP “Calling from the Stars”.

To celebrate this release, I share tonight a gift she sent me 2 months ago with a very nice drawing for my blog : an exclusive mixtape.

Music by Marina presents Club Bizarre (french)
March 17, 2013 04:41 AM PDT

Club Bizarre, duo venant de Metz composé de Sam et Philippe n'a que des bonnes nouvelles à nous offrir : La Mort du Petit Cheval est sorti en digital lundi dernier avec notamment des remixes de Chloé et Matt Walsh, mardi c’était au tour de leur remix pour le 3ème EP de Marie Madeleine, et ce week-end, ils tournent un clip pour leur dernier EP.

Pour lire l’interview (en français) : http://www.musicbymarina/club_bizarre

Tracklisting :

1. The 2 Bears - Increase Your Faith (Daniel Avery Remix)
2. xxx
3. Mijo - Diablo (primer master)
4. Monoblok & Pslktr - WonkyTonk (Remain Remix)
5. Sebastien Tex - Ana (Red Axes Remix)
6. Siskid - Gun Stubs feat. Olivia De Lanzac (Functional Mode)
7. BlackStrobe - The Girl From The Bayou (Brioski Rmx)
8. The Elriks - Like a Robot (Original Mix)
9. Demian - As A Replicant (Marc Pinol Cheerleading Pyramid Rework)
10. Bottin & Rodion - One for All (Extended Version)
11. The Asphodells - We are the Axis
12. The Barking Dogs - Ebony (Original Mix)
13. xxx
14. Challenge - Broken Clock - Original Mix
15. Q-Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses (Ludikris Mix)

Music by Marina presents David Shaw and The Beat
December 22, 2012 01:22 PM PST

David Shaw decided this year to stop hiding himself behind Siskid alias.

I met him firstly last year in a club near Pigalle in Paris for a festival, I already knew his work and remixes as Siskid and he told me about his LP project.

After having released his own debut album “So It Goes” in october on Her Majesty’s Ship (one of the 10 best albums of 2012 for Tsugi Magazine), we can see him playing live in Paris, Rennes, etc.

Interview in english at http://www.musicbymarina.fr/david_shaw

Tracklisting :
Junior Byron - Dance to the Music
Cosmonauts - Chickens in Milan
Giorgio moroder - First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love
Headman - Be Loved (Richard Fearless death in vegas rmx)
Kano - It's a war ( ss uk re edit)
Cascandy - Two Flip
Armando - Don't Take it
Arto Lindsay - Pini Pini (the barking dogs edit)
Chicken Lips - D R O M P (The Emperor Machine extended version)
Alan Vega - Jukebox Babee

Music by Marina presents Kasper Bjørke
November 10, 2012 11:04 AM PST

I met a nice guy some months ago at the Showcase club in Paris, he was with Trentemøller.
I remember he gave me some champagne, I explained him I would like a pic of Trentemøller. He was his manager.
He looked like Clark Kent from a Superman movie, with his glasses.
Then we talked about nordic electronic artists, I said “I love Gusgus, Kasper Bjørke…”.
He laughed, I thought he didn’t like this kind of sound.
“I am Kasper Bjørke…”

Interview at http://www.musicbymarina.fr/kasper_bjorke

Tracklisting :
1. Gary Sloane & Clone: Good Indian
2. Michael Mayer: Sully
3: Cliff Martinez: We Dont Have To Think Like That Anymore
4: The Late Great Fitzcarraldos: Jesu
5: Mickey Moonlight: We´ll Meet Again (Bugged In Mix)
6: Yard: Cascade
7: The Duritti Column: Self Portrait

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